Christian Günther

Works in Comission


Aquarell: Ohlauer 37
Ohlauer 37
Aquarell, 2014
Aquarell: Sattva & Lamun
Sattva und Lamun
Aquarell, 2011
Aquarell: Vegan Wagen
Vegan Wagen
Aquarell, 2011
Aquarell: Blumenbouquet
Aquarell, 2011
Aquarell: Haus Blumenau
Haus Blumenau
Aquarell, 2007

Machines & Construction


(made for S. Nitzel)

Mechanical animation for coin operated puppet show – 2 motors, 2 servos, lights, sound module, control unit

Electronics for M. Wolpert

Moritz Wolpert is a constructor of fantastic musical instruments and -machines.

The “Heckeshorn” is a slideguitar-similar instrument designed by Moritz Wolpert, which can be played automatically by control of the “Schaltzentrale”.

The strings of the Heckeshorn were striken by the drum-stick e-magnet beat mechanisms; these are triggered by the “rhythm composer” section.

A slide mechanism – like a bottleneck – on top of the strings, driven by a gear motor, makes it possible to change the tune of the instrument e.g. by pedal or sequencer .

M. Wolpert: Heckeshorn & Schaltzentrale
Heckeshorn with Schaltzentrale
Die Schaltzentrale
  • 8 x 8 Step Sequencers with CV and Trigger Outputs; the Sequencers can be combined in series or parallel, e.g.: 8×8, 4×2, 1×64…by preset switch or manually with plug connectors
  • Motor control for the Heckeshorn slide mechanism with CV inputs
  • Ringmodulator VCO
  • 2 VCAs for e.g. stereo effects
  • Rhythm Composer


Article in ‘Tagesspiegel’ about M.W.:

M. Wolpert: Die Schaltzentrale
Die Schaltzentrale
M. Wolpert: 2 EMSMs
2 EMSMs beating

The EMSMs (“Elektromechanische Schlagmechanismen”) are little solenoids with a holder for a drum stick which can be triggered by e.g. rhythm machine or audio signals. So they can hit a drum or strings of the Heckeshorn.



A Drum ‘controller’ in a half-round arrangement around a drum, with 36 switchable sound voices (for resonating rods and drum pickups)

M. Wolpert: Seismodrum (inside view)
(inside view)

Trumpet Monster

For Hannes Heiner’s and Dead Chickens’ monsters I constructed several parts like the trumpet section of the Trampel.


Part of Hannes Heiner’s installation “Kinetische Maschine” (2014)


Etherwave Instrument

Elektrisches Saitenspiel

String Resonator Instrument: 5 Audio inputs are making the strings resonate

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