Christian Günther


Analog Mandala Generator

The Machine

Mandalamat and Reiss robotron plotter
Functional Principle

Generated Graphics

Mandalamat drawing 1
Mandala Graphic
The Mandalamat is an analog graphic generator which is producing – mainly – radial/circular symmetric patterns. Its use is to draw graphics, patterns, ornaments etc. in combination with a plotter or an oscilloscope and live as part of shows, exhibitions or performances.
The X-axis,Y-axis (and Z-axis) outputs of the machine are generating analog voltages, which can be converted by an analog-digital converter to step-motor control impulses. These feed a XY system like a graphic plotter or an oscilloscope, making the graphics visible. The patterns can be influenced by e.g. music signals, or synchronized with rhythms and sounds made by my musical equipment. So I can create a special soundtrack and – in combination with the visuals – realize various interactions between the instruments.


The Mandalamat (controller)

Mandalamat controls


Mandalamat with Drawing Machine 2

Mandalamat with drawing plotter

Plotter in action

Oscilloscope Mandala

View on Oscilloscope

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