Christian Günther


 Analog Graphic Generator

The Machine


Mandalamat with Drawing Machine 1

Mandala Graphic

Mandala 1
The Mandalamat is a self-constructed analog graphic generator which produces – mainly – radial/circular symmetric patterns. I use it to draw graphics, patterns, ornaments etc. and live as part of shows, exhibitions or performances.
The XYZ outputs of the machine generate analog voltages and, by AD-converter, step-motor control impulses. These feed a XY system like a graphic plotter or an oscilloscope which make the graphics visible. The patterns can be influenced by e.g. music signals, or synchronized with rhythms and sounds made by my musical equipment. So I can create a special soundtrack and – in combination with the visuals – realize various interactions between the instruments.

Functional Principle

Oscilloscope MandalaView on Oscilloscope
Mandalamat Controllings Mandalamat Mandalamat with Drawing Machine 2

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