Christian Günther


sound and music projects

Al Chem and C.G.

electronic music


Concert in Eschlschloraque/Berlin 2018

Alexander Christou

sequencer, loops, samples, audio software


Christian Günther

cg soundsystem (self-designed sound machines), rhythm machine

Berliner Ring

experimental music project 2007-2013

Berliner Ring

Alexander Christou
samples, loops, 12 string guitar, korgs, xr 22, delays
Tom Stern
mixing, recording, arrangements, effects
Moritz Wolpert
percussion, heckeshorn, electromechanical drums
Christian Günther
electronics, scratchomat, monochord, metallophone, korg ms20

Die Kleine Kapelle

acoustic music – membership from 1992-2005

Compilation of flyers for concerts of 'Die Kleine Kapelle'

Die Kleine Kapelle

Kathrin Grigull – vocals

Jochen A. Liedtke – accordeon, vocals

Christian Günther – trumpet, vocals

Günter Schickert – trumpet, vocals

Jörg Wedepohl – acoustic bass, vocals

Dirk Matthäus – percussion, vocals