Christian Günther

Scratchomat deluxe

_Scratchomat deluxe, Detail
Scratchomat deluxe, top Scratchomat deluxe, sideview
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Step Motor Driven Record Player

  • Modified Philips 202 vinyl record player

  • Step motor drive

  • Forward – backward – enable/disable

  • Speed control by external CV or clock signal

  • Year of construction: ca 1995


Played with Theremin
Record: “Das russische Glockenspiel” TABOR 8492

Controlled by Bontempi and Triggomat
Record: “Hot/Virgo” Roy Ayers

Record: “Musik für Ch’in” Liang Ming-Yüeh

Controlled by Triggomat
Record: “Ang Musika ng mga Kalinga”

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