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2012 Record Release: Vinyl EP „Bardo“ with Berliner Ring published by Meakusma Records
2010 “Lost Kitchen” at Theater Majak/ Berlin, theatre play with Yula Wind, L. Rudhart etc.
Festival “Shared Sounds”, Radialsystem/ Berlin: Concert “Berliner Ring”
2009 “Nachtschatten” – Concert with Lilith Rudhart on occasion of the Vattenfall price award to G. Hildebrandt in Cottbus/ Germany
“Shared Sounds”, concert with Al Chem, Berlin
“Die Schaltzentrale”: Concert and presentation with Mo Wolpert and guests; Haus Schwarzenberg/Berlin
“Andere Baustelle”, live web concert with Mo Wolpert and guests
Concert “Berliner Ring” / Pierre Bastien at “Le Lieu Unique”, Nantes/ France
Festival “Worldtronic” HKW/Berlin: Concert and soundinstallation with Al Chem and Mo Wolpert
2008 “Haus der Vorstellung” Torstraße 166 Berlin: Festival; Soundinstallation and concerts with Mo Wolpert and more
CD Publication “Orbital” with the music project “Berliner Ring”
2007 “Meet thy Neighbours”, group exhibition in the gallery “Neurotitan”/ Berlin and concert with Mo Wolpert
2005 Festival “Via”, Maubeuge/France, festival “Exit”, Paris-Creteil/France: “Mandalamat and Music Machines” – exhibition and performance
2005 From 1992 up to 2005 Participation in the band “Die Kleine Kapelle” (acoustic music) – trompetist
2004 “re:machine”: Group exhibition in gallery “Neurotitan”/ Berlin
2002 Festival “Archipel” Geneve/Switzerland: Sound installation and concerts with L. Eggert;
exhibition in “Haus am Lützowplatz”(Studio)/ Berlin
2000 Die Kleine Kapelle: „Bayerntournee“
1999 “Molkerei Trinklein” Schweinfurt/ Germany (Group exhibition): Sound and video installation
1998 “Oktotone Dome Music” with the electronic sound Project “Seelefunken” (feat. Günter Schickert and A. Christou ); octophonic concert in Zeiss Planetarium Jena/ Germany and CD Publication. Produced by Jim Lusted and Lutz Eggert
1997 Kampnagel Hamburg/ Germany: “Transformat IV” with J. Liedtke
1995 Festival “Exit”, Paris-Creteil/ France: Performance and installation “Transformat IV” with Jochen Liedtke; performance “Mäuseboxen” with “Dead Chickens”
Exhibition “Choroso” in “Alte Feuerwache” Friedrichshain/ Berlin: “Malautomat”
1994 Festival “Via”, Maubeuge/ France: “La Coeur de la Machine” with J. Liedtke; exhibition and performance, performing “Mäuseboxen” with “Dead Chickens”
1993 Festival “Via”, Maubeuge/ France: “Laboratorium für Evolutionsprognostik” with “Dead Chickens“
1992 Apprenticeship in Electro-Mechanics
1990 “Laboratorium für wissenschaftliche Grenzbereiche” with Gobi Hofmann in SO36/ Berlin; sound installation and exhibition
1988 Move to West-Berlin
1986 Apprenticeship Screen-Printing
1984 FOS Gestaltung Nürnberg
1965 Birth in München, Germany

Mandalaroom with visitor
Festival „Exit“ Creteil/ France 2005

The Malautomat
(Destroyed in a fire 1999)
and its constructor C.G.
Alte Feuerwache Friedrichshain
Berlin 1995
Automatic Painter with CG
Photo:R.WarzechaLabor fuer wissenschaftliche GrenzbereicheGobi Hofmann (r.) and CG:
Laboratorium für wissenschaftliche Grenzbereiche
_Le Coeur de la MachineJochen Liedtke´s „Das große Herz“
Le Coeur de la Machine
Maubeuge, France 1994
_Kleine Kapelle SaxenhammerDie Kleine Kapelle
Photostudio: Mausi the Greatest
Result of LEP´s long-standing research:
The Boxmaus
Mausi Boxkampf
Mausi vs. Dr. Müller
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Photo:H.WeiffenbachLEP - The Scientists

Dr. Mutabor and the scientists of
„Laboratorium für Evolutionsprognostik“(LEP)/
Dead Chickens
Raab Gallery Berlin
ca 1994


Dead Chickens
Maubeuge/ France
Photo:H.WeiffenbachDead Chickens LEP, Maubeuge